LODGE No.496

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We have to pronounce the DDGM’s visit a success. We initiated Mr. James Fletcher, now Brother Fletcher and all brethren involved in the ritual performed well, I’m told a positive report will be sent to Grand Lodge. Many of our visitors commented on the food, as a matter of interest one senior visitor claimed he’d been to 72 Masonic functions since last September and this was by far the best meal he’d had. Kudos to W Bro Khani for arranging the dinner and working so hard in the kitchen along with Brothers Zach Munroe and Matthew Hoag.

Many of us in our lodge take for granted the work that goes on behind the scenes. I arrived at lodge quite early on March 13th to find our Secretary W. Bro Davé and our Treasurer W. Bro Fraser meeting with the District Secretary who was conducting an examination of our books and a discussion regarding our activities and membership changes over the past year. I was helping set up the lodge during that time and observed these brethren discussing our meticulously kept lodge records, they spent more than an hour at it. It’s thanks to past masters like Manoj and Ian that this responsibility is handled so professionally.

On March 27th, W. Bro. Tony Olbrecht, Past Master, Huron Bruce Lodge 611, presented a talk on Masonic Geometry, Astronomy and the Symbolic Form of the Lodge. Please read Bro. Karlis Jansons’ report on this presentation in this bulletin.

How quickly the year has passed, April 10th is election night so let’s make sure we’re all in attendance. I look forward to passing Bro Cristian Weber on the same night, Bro. Weber had his initiation some time ago and I’m sure he’s looking forward to achieving his 2nd degree.

This is my penultimate “Master’s Report” and I cannot believe this Masonic Year is coming to an end. I’ll leave my thanks until next month’s report, I’ve had a great deal of help so it’ll be a long list.



On March 27 W. Bro. Tony Olbrecht, a Past Master of Huron Bruce Lodge #611, spoke to us on Masonic Geometry, Astronomy and the Symbolic Form of the Lodge.

W. Bro. Olbrecht holds an M.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge University, England and M.Sc. in Statistics from the University of Toronto. He is a seasoned world-traveller to over one hundred countries, from Iceland to Antarctica and every continent between, circumnavigating the globe four times.

The lodge was opened in the first as the discussion, although astronomical in nature, dealt directly with the form of the lodge and the significance of many elements in the EA degree. The look on many of the seasoned faces were similar to those on the three recently minted EAs who listened intently on the proceedings. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of having a large number of officers missing because of illness, we were unable to hold the expected first degree. At the request of the speaker, the first degree’s J.W. lecture was delivered by Bro. Karlis Jansons. The lecture sets the scene that W Bro. Olbrecht was to illuminate for us that evening, when the sun was at its meridian. The architecture and layout of our lodge room was of particular interest as it more accurately reflected much of the subject matter presented. It was explained to us how much more representative of the sun, the stars and the moon the EAD is than what is simply referred to in The Work - right down to the position of the candidates. We also learned what a paralellepipedon is (in Latin no less) both in its strict geometric form and in the infinite nature of what it represents.

Our lodges are situated due East and West for which W. Bro. Olbrecht gives many reasons, not just the three in the lecture. He tied together the path of the sun through the sky and how it is reflected on the face the earth and on the floor of the lodge room. The reflection is both illustrative and spiritual. He was able to map out the path of the sun including lightness and darkness across the floor, and as represented by the officers of the lodge. The candidate is the traveller and the explanation starts with his entrance into the lodge and the route taken on the road to becoming an adept of the science. The perambulations are clockwise for both astronomical and spiritual reasons.

The details of the talk are much too complex to do them justice in this short article. Suffice to say, that the brethren were enthralled and the probing questions showed a great interest in the subject matter. Even the WM came down to the level for an animated query and discussion about the significance of mosaic pavement and the double-cube. Acknowledgment was given to the source of much of what was delivered, which is a book titled Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry embodying work by the late Henry P. Bromwell. Besides our speaker, in attendance at the lecture were R.W. Bro. Vipin Prithipaul from Mauritius, R.W. Bro. Fred Bryant, W. Bro. Darrell Piekarz and W. Bro. Jim Colley. We look forward to the next in W Bro Tony Olbrecht’s talks which he said would have to be given with the lodge open in a higher degree because of the references in the presentation to the work of the various degrees.


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