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It is the goal of Freemasonry to take good men and make them better by generating fraternal fellowship and building strong moral character in its members.Masonry can set out the advantages of membership; the decision to join, however, must be a personal one, based on an assessment of what the Craft has to offer and its net worth to the individual.

Masonry is NOT a Secret Society. It is a fraternal association of men of good will and high ideals. Masons, however, consider that the benefits they receive from membership must be protected from intruders and are careful before admitting a self-professed Mason into the lodge.

Much has been made of the secrets of Freemasonry over the centuries by non-Masons. Secrets are confined to modes of recognition by which a visitor can prove himself to be a Mason and thereby become eligible to enter a lodge in which he was otherwise not known.

As a fraternity, Masonry provides an opportunity for men to enjoy friendly companionship. It encourages goodwill towards all mankind. It promotes self-improvement and teaches the basic principles of brotherly love, charity and truth, which Masons are encouraged to practise in their daily lives.

Masonry welcomes men who seek harmony with their fellow man and who wish to participate in making the world a better place in which to live by promoting the Masonic ideals of reverence, morality, kindness, honesty, dependability and compassion.

Membership is for men 21 years of age or older of any race, colour, or creed, who are of good moral character and who believe in the existence of a Supreme Being.

Because tradition requires every candidate to come forward free of coercion, Masonry does not improperly solicit for members. An interested man must ask. A man interested in learning more about the fraternity, however, is encouraged to approach any Mason.

A man wishing to join need only submit an application to his lodge of choice signed by two members of that lodge willing to act as his sponsors. To obtain additional information, or to seek answers to any questions you might have, there are various sources available, including: