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Would you like to learn more about Freemasonry? Are you curious as to what it takes to join this most ancient and noble brotherhood? As Masons do not actively recruit new members, you must express first your interest of becoming a Freemason to another Freemason. Freemasonry's official recruitment policy is: "To be one, you have to ask one."

Some Freemasons are very discreet about their their association with the brotherhood, while other openly display it. The Compases, Square, and G logo found on pins, rings, or even car crests are one way of recognizing a Mason. You may even know a Freemason yourself. Ask!

You can also contact us by filling the form below. A member of University Lodge will contact you in the days after you submit your request. There is no obligation. We are happy to answer questions via email, talk with you over the phone, even invite you to meet our brethren at Temple!

We meet on the second Thursday of every month between September and May.

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Univeristy Lodge No.496
West Toronto Temple
151 Annette Street
Toronto, ON. M6P 1P3

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